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Feels kind of weird that in 2 days ill be in Buenos Aires. The time has gone so quick, but it really has been one fantastic trip and I have seen and done so much in the time that I have been away.

There is not really a great deal for me to write about in this email in all honesty. The last time I wrote, we had just arrived in Argentina but I spent the entire email talking about Bolivia. It really is a funny thing that, I was nervous about Bolivia but in all honesty, it has been the favorite country that I have visited. I mean we did things that bought a tear to my eye, like the orphanage in Sucre and seeing all the homeless and beggars, it was a pretty sad place but its history is intense and for a country who has lost 4 civil wars with its neighbours, I found overall that the Bolivian people are friendly and kind hearted.

Anyway this email is about Argentina. As I said previously, we spent all night on a train to get to Villazon on the border and then had to get an all day bus to get to Tilcara. We spent the afternoon in Tilcara walking around the local market and then went out for a group dinner. I had a BBQ meal which was consisted of Pork, Beef, sausages and Llama. YEP I have also now had Llama, and really, its very similar to beef, lamb and alpaca. We also went through 4 bottles of wine for dinner between 3 of us and then moved on to a pub. I had one more drink at the pub then decided I wanted to call home. Sorry mum, I was kinda a little tipsy when I called you which unfortunately was at like 11.30pm here. Argentina is very European like. A typical day starts at 9am, it then goes to 1pm of which then everyone has a siesta. The shops are like a ghost town between 1pm and 5pm. Only thing open is a few restaurants and pubs. and then at 5pm everything opens again until 9pm. So of course dinner does not get fitted into the picture until after 9pm.

Anyway as we are eating late, it really throws your sleeping patterns out the window and it does take a bit of getting used to. So because we had just finished diner, it was late by the time I called home so the only phone was at a service station out of town. It was like a half an hour walk down the main road that leads out of town and i actually had to walk past the welcome to Tilcara sign to get to this place.

On the way there I did get kind of nervous because there was a group of blokes hanging around and they followed me for a bit up to the service station but luckily they were gone when I went back towards the motel.

Walking back after the call I ran into Craig and he told me he was just walking around seeing what was happening so I ended up following him and we found this party out in the middle of no where. We didnt have the guts to go in so was hanging around out the front when we got approached by 8 guys. After telling them we were Aussies and not Americans they sat down with us and shared their wine with us, it was terrible but I wasnt going to offend them. Funny thing is that one of the guys had a broken wrist and when we asked what happened, his mate told me he couldnt throw a punch properly and broke it on a guys face. NICE. So up jumps Craig and decided to teach this guy how to throw a punch. This went of for about 5 minutes and then they are sparring. His mate who I was talking to asked if I wanted to spare so I said yeah why not and here we are sparring with the locals and they were really pretty terrible. I had to teach this guy to space his hands out and stop moving front on and to keep his elbows down. I also decided to show him a few things I learned in Karate buy getting out of holds etc and we soon had new best friends.

At 2.30am Craig and i decided it was time to go back to the motel and it was then that we got invited to the leaders house to visit his family the following day. We tried to explain we couldnt but then he got a little annoyed so we assured him we would be back at the same spot at 10am and he let us go happily waving. Lucky for us we were on a 9am bus and well on our way to Salta by the time they realised we were not turning up.

The next day took us to some local towns but I have a thing with red wine where if I have to much, im no good all the next day so I pretty much spent the whole time sleeping and before I knew it, I was in lovely Salta.

We didnt get in until late so we went to our rooms, had a shower and met up at 9pm for dinner and a show. Dinner consisted of the best darn steak I have ever eaten, this thing made the grill room seem pretty lousy. I absolutely love Argentinean steak, its better than they say it is seriously. The show was a northern Argentinean dance and it was pretty interesting, funny thing is most of you know how much I love to dance NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! and what happens, they pick 2 people from the crowd to dance, lucky me hey, i guess at least it was the hottest little dancer on the floor, she really was stunning. It was actually a bit of fun, i cant dance but id had a few bourbons so had dutch courage on my side. After the dinner and show, we all went to a nite club and it was a huge night. Didnt get home until 6.30am.

The next day I slept until 2.30pm and missed the city tour, didnt really worry me because I went exploring on my own and found a hairdresser where I got a number 1 all over and a number 2 on the moustache. I was starting to get some pretty serious hat hair so really needed the trim. Afterwards I found a nice little place that served really good coffee and toasted sandwiches so sat and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. At 9pm we all met up again and went for dinner. I had this really lovely chicken in a mustard cream sauce with rice that kind of resembled risotto. I to date still have not had a bad meal here. No wonder they all need to sleep the afternoon away. Anyway, yesterday was a spare day so I got up late and went looking around town again, found an Irish bar and met up with an Irish bloke watching the soccer. We saw Liverpool win 8 nil so it really was a good afternoon.

We met up at 8pm last night for an overnight bus and now here we are in Cordoba. This place really shocked me because tomorrow we are seeing the Jesuit missionary's so I thought it would be a small town but its kind of like a Melbourne, it has a population of 4,000,000 and is the same size. Oh, and its about 35 degrees here so its hot !!!!!!!

Anyway, im going for a siesta, as they say when in Rome. my next email will either be from home in a week or from Iguazu so thanks for reading guys and to those of you who replied to my emails, I really enjoyed reading them, sometimes travelling on you own can be hard and it always brings a smile to your face when you hear from those you love and also from your friends.

Cheers again


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Just caught up on your blogs.
Sounds like you had an awesome time in Bolivia, that was one of my biggest regret of my trip was having to speed through S.America and not seeing Bolivia properly.
Sorry to hear about the food poisoning, I'm lucky I have a great stomach but I know all about those runs when you don't know where to locate a (sanitary) washroom. Hope you enjoy Argentina and have a lot of Biftek and Chorripan (I had some for $0.75 in Buenos Aires!)

Safe travels,

by NomadicOne

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